Taylor T. – Ezinne has been there for my two homebirths. I loved everything about her being there. Her energy and her gentle voice helped me stay calm and helped guide my energy back to where I needed it to be. I am so happy that I chose this path of bringing my children earthside and with the guidance of Ezinne. I also appreciate the time that she has taken to truly get to know me as a person rather than a patient. I love Ezinne!


Honey M.- After having two hospitals births I was yearning for more from my births. Both natural in hospital but I wanted MORE, and that’s exactly what I got with them. From the moment we met until today with our postpartum checkups. I love it! I’m so grateful that my expectations were met and with their love and attention. We welcomed our baby boy on Palm Sunday. Thank you again.


Venna A.– On the day of birth, the entire experience was so much more than what I had expected. Communication was GREAT, support was super awesome, no judgment whatsoever, and vibes were always warm, loving, and laid back.  They were there with me through every contraction, listened, made suggestions, made sure I was hydrated, etc. I am so proud of all of us for making it through that night. Natural remedies, natural inductions, natural birth, natural EVERYTHING! They allowed my body to naturally do what it was supposed to do. Thanks to an awesome support system, encouragement, and knowledge, only 7.5 hours of labor later, my son was born and I did what I thought was almost impossible. Lol. (To be honest, this was my first birth so I was expecting a whole day of labor). Of course, we had to share some laughs and jokes once the night was over! Lol. Beautiful.


Emily H.– Ezinne was the one who delivered Lucas and followed up with us through postpartum care. She was so patient and engaged with our progress. She was like a calming balm to us when we felt out of our depth in the first two weeks and answered every question we threw at her! Truly a beautiful soul, and exactly the support we needed starting out our journey. She was both positive and encouraging while keeping the energy calm and reverent. I didn’t get the water birth I thought I wanted because my birth was so fast, but she gave me the most amazing experience I could have hoped for and I wouldn’t change anything.


Lisa B.– I had stopped taking my placenta pills for about 2 weeks and my eyes became terribly itchy and red for the past week. I have no allergies, nothing changed in my house or diet so I was puzzled. I looked up “postpartum itchy eye” and found an article a mom wrote about itchy red eyes postpartum especially during mango season in Hawaii. So we started thinking about what’s different and I realized I haven’t been taking my placenta pills! So I took one and after a few minutes, I noticed immediately the itching was gone! Later that night I felt the itching again and I took another pill and it worked! I just wanted to let you know that your pills are amazing. Thank you for making them for me! The amount of changes and hormones your body goes through postpartum is crazy. There’s so much stuff that can happen postpartum that your body just hands you a sack of healing that you grew! Thank you for your work.

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